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Our members have worked hard to earn their place in our Mile Marker Club, and gain exclusive access to our unique deal flow. These families trust us. These families depend on us. That’s why we vet deal operators just as carefully as we vet deals, and why you, as a deal operator, will have to work hard to earn their trust, to earn their investment and to create for them investment value in your company.

If your experience and deal standards meet our members’ investment goals, our Investors might invest. Submitting an application on this website is the first step in the process.

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20 Years of Deep Diligence

Heritage Capital USA has been helping accredited investors and high net worth families find great deals since 1997.

More Sectors = More Opportunities

A multi-sector approach gives our member families more opportunities and keeps their capital working.

Build a Better Deal

We help even the most experienced deal operators structure deals and prepare investor presentations for maximum success.

The Heritage Capital USA Deal Flow

Wealth is not easy to attain, or maintain. It takes a consistent supply of good deal flow.

An Alternative For Investors

For those investor families who want to benefit from the Heritage Capital USA multi-sector approach – but are not able to invest the time to explore each individual opportunity – we offer the Heritage Multi-Sector Fund I.